When it comes to printing, the term DTF stands for Direct to Film. This is a printing technique used to produce high-quality images with a wide range of colours and tones. 

It’s a process that uses a high-resolution printing device to transfer an image directly onto a film substrate. 

This technique is commonly used for display graphics, backlit displays, and other large-format graphics.

Additionally, because the image is printed directly onto the substrate, it also produces a higher-quality image with increased colour accuracy and sharpness.

DTF Prints can be applied to cotton, polyester, softshell jackets, caps, sportswear and performance garments without dye migration.

Our DTF Design Printing services start from just £6 per A3 print.

This can be a SINGLE A3 Print or Multiple Copies of a smaller logo

All We would need from you is a copy of your logo in Print Quality AI, PDF, EPS, or High Quality PNG

With all the Backgrounds removed if its not required in your design,

For more information about our printing services feel free to drop us an email and we will answer all your query's. 


Maximum file size: 201.33MB